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At Mekkitso, we believe stories bring vision to life and we live to help you tell the best of them.

Our Approach

We work with you to clarify your mission, shape narratives that communicate your intentions, and rally audiences to your cause.

We work with you to assess your business goals, then tailor a content solution that’s right for you. Our services include:

Content Strategy and Creation

A good story is the key to attracting an audience, holding them rapt, and gaining their trust in your solution. Our clients love how the narratives and images we create for them capture the essense of their message and move people to action. 

Brand Narratives

We elevate our clients' mission, by conveying the soul of their organisation in pictures and words. What we co-create carries great significance for founders and teams, as we cut to the heart of those they seek to reach. 

Learning Solutions

We empower leaders and teams across organisations and businesses to effectively communicate the impact of their work and brand values to the world, by teaching them how to tell stories. We believe that democratising storytelling is the fastest way to turn employees into your organisation's greatest advocates.

who we are

Team Mekkitso believes in collaborating to achieve excellence. We set our spectrum of content creation abilities in writing, photography and videography to help you shape compelling brand narratives.

As a team of high achievers, we share more than 100 years of media and content creation experience, which we bring to our content and strategic services.

Serene Goh


Serene is a global-award-winning news correspondent, editor and content director. Her experience over three decades in media includes founding The Straits Times' News In Education program, managing Singapore Press Holdings' content marketing department, and driving national campaigns such as the MCCY Idea Jam for social innovation. She is an ACLP certified She has served on the 13th and 14th National Youth Councils, and is currently a board member of Advisory.Sg. She graduated Abilene Christian University, Texas, with a Journalism / Political Science degree.


Bryan van der Beek
Creative Director


Bryan's award-winning documentary style is a stalwart brand for Singapore storytelling in Asia, North America and Europe. He was an executive photojournalist with The Straits Times,  in addition to working with newspapers in the United States. His compelling images have featured in international publications including: Time, Time Asia, Newsweek and The Washington Post. His most iconic pieces are in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Singapore. He is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism, and has lectured at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, Temasek Polytechnic and the Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film. In 2020, he co-founded Mekkitso with Serene Goh to manage WhatAreYouDoing.sg.


Caroline Chia
Head of Engagement


Caroline has notched international accolades recognising excellence in photojournalism in her career. She was previously with The Straits Times Picture Desk for more than 12 years, after graduating from the University at Buffalo, New York. Over the years, she has covered both local and international events, including the 2013 Malaysian Elections, Singapore Grand Prix and the 2015 SEA Games. Caroline is currently a freelance producer and photographer, and her easygoing disposition continually earns her the trust and confidence of the subjects she studies, even under sensitive circumstances. As head of engagement at WhatAreYouDoing.sg, she leads our training initiatives.


Stacey Rodrigues
Content Chief


Stacey's multimedia storytelling style is centred on finding the human, personal side to every story. She is a former journalist who today works with brands, corporates and social outreach organisations for optimised engagement across a spectrum of platforms. She has led high-performing teams at ELLE Singapore and Edelman Singapore, and contributed to Channel NewsAsia, The Edge Singapore, and Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore. She is as comfortable at the keyboard as she is behind a camera, capturing short-form, doco-style video content. After completing her Master in Mass Communications degree at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), she broadened her spectrum of expertise to communications. As editor of WhatAreYouDoing.sg, she directs multi-modal content in narratives and documentary video.


our story

Our core team of long-time collaborators and friends came together at the height of 2020’s Circuit Breaker, when we launched WhatAreYouDoing.sg to celebrate everyday heroes who emerged to help others. Through photo essays, social videos and features, we studied how Singapore’s various individuals and communities demonstrated resilience, nerve and kindness as they focused on creating new and innovative ways of assisting others.

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Since then, Mekkitso’s human-centred, solutions-first approach to documentary storytelling has attracted clients across corporate and non-profit sectors keen to align their brands with the mission of building stronger communities, and shaping sustainable development.

Today, we collaborate with companies in B2B and B2C to deliver content across digital and traditional platforms. We cover a spectrum of subjects including architecture, aviation, corporate social responsibility, education, health, lifestyle, sustainability, travel and many more. Our partners rely on narratives, photojournalism, and video produced by a cross-disciplinary group of award-winning producers committed to delivering their best.

our clients

what our clients say

20201128_The Gi

“Your story truly inspired those who read to stop complaining and do something meaningful to bless our brothers. They’ve helped to bring some light into what we do. After the article, we had many who called our hotlines to offer their services as well as contribute towards the cause.”

Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen
Committee Chairman

20201128_The Gi

“What you do is important to help shift people from transactional giving to relational giving. It can help people who are less affected see how they can be more involved.”

Mr Jeff Tan
Marketing and Advocacy

20201128_The Gi

“We enjoyed the collaboration with the WAYD team as they displayed good understanding and sensitivity towards protecting the confidentiality of families and the shelter, while narrating client stories in an empowering, dignified manner, aligned with AWWA’s mission. The video and story helped us communicate our hopes and envisioned the potential of service provision to families … to bring hope.”

Ms Grace Xu
Senior Social Worker

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